Kälte- und Wärmeträgerflüssigkeit auf Basis 1,2 Propylenglykol

®Pekasol L

Liquid Coolant and Heat Carrier on basis of 1,2 propylene glycol

Product description
®PEKASOL L is a colorless and odorless liquid on basisof propylene glycol for the use as heat carrier with highly effective anti-corrosion additives and hardnessstabilizers.®PEKASOL L does not contain nitrite, amine, phosphate, borate, silicate and nitrate.

Product characteristics
®PEKASOL L is used as anti-freeze and anti-corrosion medium in food-producing and technical applications, e.g. heating and cooling systems, heat pumps, sprinkler systems and food cooling.
The inhibitor system protects all usually used metal materials against corrosion and scaling. Even the use of galvanized parts is possible. Although the zinc coating is dissolved over a long period of time, this does not affect the properties of the medium since newly developed additives prevent a flocculating and fouling and keeps the zinc in solution.