Wärmeträgerflüssigkeit auf Basis Propylenglykol für alle Solarkollektortypen und deren Kombination mit Heizungssystemen, Wärmepumpen etc.

®Pekasolar 50 - 100

Liquid Heat Carrier on Basis of Propylene Glycol for all Solar Collector Types and their Combination with Heating Systems, Heat Pumps etc.

Product description
®PEKASOLar 100 and its dilutions are colorless and odorless liquids on basis of propylene glycol with newly developed additives, especially for the use in flat plate AND vacuum tube collectors and their combinations with heating systems, geothermal probe systems and heat pumps. ®PEKASOLar 100  does not contain von borates, phosphates, silicates, amines, nitrites and nitrates.

Product characteristics
A newly developed combination of additives and inhibitors effectively prevents fouling and corrosion. ®PEKASOLar 100 protects all usually used metallic materials. Please refer to the table at the next page for the tested wear data.

Application notes
®PEKASOLar 50 is a ready-to-use, 45 % dilution of ®PEKASOLar 100 that is frost-proof up to - 28°C. The combination of additives allows the mixing and concentration of our existing solar liquids ®PEKASOL L, ®PEKASOLar F and ®PEKASOLar V with ®PEKASOLar 100 and its dilutions in any ratio. The concentration should not be lower than 30 Vol.%. If you want to mix ®PEKASOLar 100 with other heat carriers, our service laboratory will analyze if this is possible or if this may cause problems.
We highly recommend to dilute ®PEKASOLar 100 with VE- water (distilled water) to prevent a contamination of the system with harmful substances like chloride, sulfate or hardness components.