Kälteträger auf Basis organischer salze für den einsatz in technischen anwendungen und lebensmittelproduzierenden Betrieben

®Pekasol 2000

Heat Transfer Fluid based on organic salt for use in technical and food manufacturing applications

Product description

®PEKASOL 2000 is an aqueous dilution of environmentally safe alkaline earth formate and acetate. ®PEKASOL 2000 is free of amine, nitrite and phosphate.
Environmentally safe additives protect the refrigerating system against corrosion and deposits. ®PEKASOL 2000 was developed as a low temperature refrigerating agent for technical and food-related systems and exhibits major advantages over glycol-based products thanks to its very low viscosity.

The combination of organic salts with the new additives allows cooling down to -60°C at low viscosity. ®PEKASOL 2000 is non-flammable and has no flash point or ignition temperature. ®PEKASOL 2000 should not be used exclusively as a heating medium.

®PEKASOL 2000 is delivered as a ready-to-use product and may not be diluted further. All thermodynamic and corrosion-related properties apply only to the ®PEKASOL 2000 concentration delivered.

®PEKASOL 2000 can only be mixed with ®PEKASOL 50 to a limited extent. It may not be mixed with other products since precipitation or reactions may occur.