Test cases

The pro KÜHLSOLE GmbH test case contains all of the measuring and testing equipment for testing and monitoring cooling brine and heat carriers.

The sturdy, black plastic case is foam lined and contains the following pieces:

  • Measuring spindle with a measuring range of 1.000 - 1.100 g/cm3 (upon request also 1.000 - 1.500 g/cm3); for determining the density of the heat carrier
  • Measuring cylinder in crystal clear plastic with 250 ml capacity with stick-on thermometer, as the measurement should be carried out at 20°C
  • Beaker with 250 ml capacity made from crystal clear plastic for taking the sample from the system
  • Universal indicator measuring range pH 0 - 14 for determining the pH value of the brine
  • Plastic sample bottles, each with a 0.5 litre capacity, for submitting a sample for free heat carrier analysis in our service lab
The value table inside the lid is used to determine the frost resistance of the medium by means of the measured density.

All pieces in the case can be reordered from us.

We will send you sample bottles for submitting the liquids for analysis free of charge as needed.